Tissue Culture Liners Produced in the USA!

AG2TC offers a wide variety of premium plants to suit your needs. Our plants have been cultured in a maintained laboratory and grown in an expansive greenhouse, nurtured and cared for by our dedicated staff. 

Delivering Quality

We strive for excellence and are driven by a passion for agriculture and science. Our professional team is experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to producing quality plants and delivering quality products our customers can count on.

This Is Why

You Should Buy From Us

We specialize in providing cost effective, easy to maintain Quality plants.

Our goal is to ensure availability of often-sought after plants, as well as to provide select alternatives. We carry a wide selection of plants including Ferns, Foliage, Landscape, Succulents and Tropicals. 

Healthy Plants

Top Quality

We ensure a diverse selection for our customers through research and development.

Our on-site tissue culture facility propagates disease-free plants with efficiency and consistency. We strive to produce and deliver product that is top quality and readily available. Our research and development program works to ensure we cultivate diverse selections. 

Diverse Selections

Research & Development Program

Our Tissue Culture Facility has Skilled And Dedicated Staff committed to Quality.

Our laboratories are well-maintained and provide a sterile environment for propagation. Dedicated staff members use care and caution with every cut and decision at the hood.

Skilled Staff

Laboratory Facility

Get The Best Plants for The Best Price

We provide plants at wholesale to those entities that can produce a tax exemption certificate.