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Our Plants Are Disease Free

Cultivated in a sterile laboratory, our plants are well-maintained. Throughout every stage of growth, our plants are inspected and cared for to ensure healthy and viable plants.

High Quality Tissue Culture
Grown From Superior Mother Plant
grown on a gelled nutrient-rich medium
Grown In A Temperature And Light Controlled Laboratory
Diverse Selections


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Planting, watering, fertilizing or pruning, landscaping plants offer easy maintenance and natural beauty.


Beautiful foliage plants are recognized by their lush and ornamental leaves. A wide variety of foliage plants exist across numerous climates.


Showcasing supple and thick leaves made for water storage, succulents thrive in arid climates with low humidity. 


Succulents boast supple, fleshy leaves designed for water storage, in warmer environments with low humidity.


Tropical plants can be both blooming and foliage plants, and they are found in tropical climates with warmer temperatures and humid environments.

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AG2’s Complete Plant List: Landscaping, Foliage, Ferns, Succulents and Tropical.


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